Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Wheels on my Wagon

Once a place to see your horses and cattle, as well as to watch a public execution or two, Rome’s Campo De’ Fiori is now home to the vegetable and flower market held every weekday, as well as packed tourist priced bars in the evening.

But arrive around 2pm just when the stalls are packing away for the day, find a comfy spot and watch for free the national sport of ‘How many things can I stack onto my Ape?'

On top of the ancient Vespa Vans are piled more things than the laws of gravity can possibly justify. Enough to take home your crates of unsold oranges, apples, potatoes and water melons but what about your cash register, your tables and your chairs? No problem. Even room for the dog and the mother as long as the driver does not mind standing as he bounces off over the cobbles.


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