Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Ten List of Things that Italians do Better than Brits

Whilst the average Italian has a complete inability to stand in a queue, or understand that if it is raining Ferrari will lose, they are the masters of invention, innovation and style. I am not talking about Prada or Ducati here, but the little everyday things that they do so much better than we do in the UK..
  1. After washing dishes, you place them in the drainer, which instead of being on the sink, is magically hidden in the cupboard above it. Ingenious.
  2. Small jars of spices and herbs come equipped ready for use. Pepper has a built in grinder, nutmeg has a mini graters... you get the idea
  3. Toothbrushes have a plastic cover that protects it from germs. Think about it. Most toothbrushes are on display in the same room as the toilet.
  4. Bidets. Not only for hygiene but no more balancing over the bath trying to shave your legs.
  5. The lever in the kitchen for turning off the gas when you have finished cooking
  6. The extra lifeline on 'Who Wants to be A Millionaire' where you get to change question. Money is lower though, sweat your way to question ten and you are only guarenteed 20,000 euros.
  7. Motor Insurance Certificates have to be displayed in the car window (the only good thing to be said about motoring in Italy)
  8. When buses and trains are in the terminal, they leave the doors open so you can get on, trusting you not to play with the buttons or injure yourself
  9. Bus stops (at least in Rome) have a clear linear map visible from the bus so you know which stop you have reached and how many are left until your destination. Ingenious.
  10. Everything related to food and drink. As one of my students told me in horror: "I went to stay with an English family on a language exchange and they gave me 'orange food'! Seems he meant baked beans.

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