Thursday, October 29, 2009

Idiots Guide to Italian Wine Classifications

As Autumn draws near and the harvest and festival season is underway across Italy in the vineyards, I thought I would write a short guide to Italian wines to help you on your merry way. This guide offers a not so serious look at what those labels mean ..

DOCG - Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita
The best of the best. To be sipped seriously and served on very special occasions such as marriage proposals, or sampled freely and without discretion at wine tastings.

DOC wine - Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Good stuff. Wine that has passed a strict set of tests to ensure its provenance. Probably one to bring on a first date ensuring date in question can see the label at all times.

IGT - Indicazione di Geografica Tipica
General wines that are suitable for the table. Some DOC wines fall under this to avoid the paperwork for DOC status, so worth tasting them all to check. Works well also if drunk as a second bottle and useful for third dates and beyond.

VdT - Vino Da Tavola
A table wine that is vague about its origins. Fine in an emergency but most suitable for unwanted house guests or to give at Christmas to colleagues and distant relatives you only see duirng the festive season.

So hope that helps. Best advice really, is just to try as many as you can!

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