Monday, October 19, 2009

Italian men v English men

After having some experience now on both sides of the fence, so to speak, I would like to offer my observations on some of the difference that I think summarise the two species - I would love to hear your own ideas:

An Italian will spend half an hour choosing the right wine to go with dinner, even when dinner is just Monday evening pasta.

An English man can drink 6 pints of beer, whilst an Italian thinks half a pint is enough as after this he no longer thirsty.

An Italian man buys you flowers for no reason, opens doors for you, and always drives.

An English man buys you flowers until you sleep with him, or he has done something wrong, thinks opening a door for a woman puts him in danger of being a chauvanist, and always lets you drive home.

An Italian man always pays.

An Italian man thinks its ok to call his mum five times a day and to drive a Smart Car.

An Italian man notices what you are wearing and if you have had your hair cut. He also notices what every other women is wearing too.

An Italian man will live within two streets of his mother.

An English man thinks its ok to fart and burp in front of you after a probationary period has lapsed. But then again, so does an English girl.

An Italian man will spend a lot of time choosing socks.


  1. Thanks for sharing the comparison between Italian men v English men. It was nice going though it. enjoyed it. expecting some comparison of Italian and english wine on your blog.

  2. Thanks Beth. Hmmm, a wine comparison. I shall have to start some serious research..

  3. i will add how english girls has no 6 sense for a man in general.

  4. Italians are more culturally aware o things like fashion, cuisine, decor, etc. Aesthetics mean a lot to Italian men and much less so for English or American men.