Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Top Roman Museums and a discount card

A short guide to 3 museums included on the Roma Pass Discount Card
The Capitoline Musems
With their spectacular setting designed by Michelangelo, overlooking the Forum and Colosseum, these are some of the most visited museums in Rome. Browse the bronze statues, sculptures and Renaissance paintings including Caravaggio’s ‘Good Fortune’.

The Ara Pacis
The Ara Pacis monument dates back to the 13th Century BC, a peace monument put in place by Emperor Augustus. Surrounded by a controversial new modern white building, it is hard to miss this museum on the edge of the river where you can enjoy a regular programme of art exhibitions.

The Centrale Montemartini Museums.
This museum of industrial archaeology contrasts imposing electricity generators against classic Roman sculptures which found during excavations at the end of the 19th century. Housed in the enormous first electrical plant in Rome, the combination of classic art and modern machinery is strangely haunting.

The Roma Pass
All the museums above are part of the Roma Pass scheme. This 3-day pass costs 23 euros, and includes admission to two participating museums, free access to public transport, a map, an events guide and a whole host of discounts to exhibitions, shows and events round Rome. Included in the scheme is the Colosseum, and pass holders can use a special turnstile so you can avoid the queues.

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