Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The story of Luigi and the Remote Control Plane

Sorry for the long absence but I have been knee deep in work over the last few weeks which is no easy thing to come by here in Italy, so I am taking it as it comes. Anyway I have returned to give you a brief account of my boyfriend's first attempt to fly his new remote control plane that I bought for him.

Luigi is a plane enthusiast and it is his dream to fly. He travels to air shows and almost crashes the car when we drive past the airport as he studies the skies. I spent the first three months of this year dodging a small remote control helicopter that he got for Christmas as he flew it around the apartment without pause. Dodging it became an art as I moved from room to room, did the ironing or sat watching TV. Sometimes the urge to swat it was overpowering but I resisted and swatted him instead. Anyway it all ended badly when I decided to fly it after drinking one too many red wines. A crash into the ceiling followed by a vertical plunge to the tiled floor meant the end of its flying life.

Guilt set in after enjoying several evenings of silence (both from the helicopter and the boyfriend). During a trip home to the UK I bought him a remote control plane (for beginners and for outside). Taking it back on board BA brought some sniggers from the crew and a more than unhealthy interest from the captain but needless to say Luigi was quite pleased.

It sat in its box for several weeks as we searched for a suitable zone in which to fly it. We staked out fields, beaches, hillsides and parkland until deciding on the spot most suitable for the grand event. Then we waited for the weather conditions to be correct. Not too windy, not wet, not too hot.

At last the day came.

We drove to the field we had chosen and Luigi carefully took it out of the box. Its gleaming white paint glinted in the sunshine. I held it as he pressed the remote to listen to the roar of the engines. It was fully charged. He held it up to check the wind direction. I was ready with my camera.

Finally he ran across the field launching the plane into the open field for its maiden flight. After a moment's hestitation the plane grabbed the breeze and took to the skies. It bounced on the air currents with its rotors powering it up and away with my man at the controls. Just as out my camera out however things took a literal turn for the worse. Less than five seconds after take off a gust of wind took the plane into a perfect 180 degree turn and into the waiting branches of a nearby tree where it became jammed.

Far too high for us to reach it, and no chance of it falling down by itself, and me only falling about laughing, it was the end of the little planes maiden voyage. And the biggest regret? Not catching it on camera. Poor Luigi was crestfallen. We gathered the instructions, the remote control and spare propellor back in the box and went home minus the plane.

We did manage to return a couple of weeks later with stepladders and long sticks and retrieve it, but it has never flown again.

Still sat in the box waiting for the right weather, field, day etc